“That is the dumbest thing on the internet”

That’s how Randall put it…and I don’t think he could be any more poignant. Just in case you ever needed a directory of the dumbest people on the planet with internet access, I’ve found it:

Charter: For Life

I really don’t even want to dignify this thing with a logical analysis and conclusion, but I have to. Ok, as of the time of this posting, the high bid was $39,007.00. Let’s assume that Charter’s most expensive internet plan is about $50. That’s 780 months. That’s 65 years. That’s longer than just about everyone who is old enough to spend $39,007.00 will live.

Even assuming you live that long, let’s think about this for a second. Why would someone do this? The cost of internet is steadily declining, there are entire cities with free wifi coverage. Many people think that free internet is inevitable.

Next problem, inflation. What the fuck is $39,007.00 going to be worth in 65 years. 65 years ago, if you had $39,007.00…you would have the 2008 equivalent of, oh…a fucking house ($308,244.83). And these jackasses want to spend it…on internet.

To conclude, these people are fucking idiots. All of them need to be put on a fucking island…and we need to sink it into the fucking ocean.

~ by Kyle Davidson on March 24, 2008.

One Response to ““That is the dumbest thing on the internet””

  1. [...] about Charter’s “Internet For Life” auction. You can read his thoughts at his blog, they are not kind to Charter, nor the people bidding. If you dig into the rules about said [...]

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